Dave Smetana

About Dave

Dave Smetana is the CFO at Saxon Financial Services.

Dave and his wife have 2 children, whom they vacation with annually whenever possible to places they have never been. Recent trips included The Poconos and New York City. Dave also enjoys doing home renovations in his spare time.


Dave joined the Saxon team in September 2007 and holds several licenses such as Series 7 License: (A general securities registered representative license that entitles the holder to sell all types of securities products with the exception of commodities and futures.), Series 24 License: (A securities license entitling the holder to supervise and manage branch activities.), a B.A/ in Education from Michigan State University (August 1976) and a Master of Theology Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary (May 1984).

Previously in the ministry for almost 20 years, he had a focus on many of the administrative and executive aspects in the church. Dave continues to be involved in Oxford Bible Fellowship Church in the community where he lives.

Dave has brought his passion for administration and attention to detail to our company, and has been an invaluable asset in keeping the office running smoothly. Dave is responsible for many of the operational, financial and compliance aspects of the business.