The event.

The IRS and DOL: Taking a Closer Look in 2019

Join us at Saxon for an 8 AM Breakfast and a great opportunity to discover more about why the IRS and DOL are taking a closer look at small employer retirement plans.

The speakers.

Todd Yawit, AIF® | Saxon Financial Consultants

and Pandy Pridemore, Principal Consultant at The Human Resources USA, LLC


February 21st | 8:30 - 9:30 AM Presentation

There has been an increase in small employer retirement plan audits. The IRS and DOL understand that small employers, unlike large employers, tend to lack the resources and knowledge when it comes to planning compliance. In fact, more small employers in the Cincinnati area are getting audit letters from the IRS than ever before.

During this Saxon U Session you will learn more about:

  • The areas of focus of an IRS audit, and the ramifications of a failed audit
  • The areas of focus of a DOL audit, and the ramifications of a failed audit
  • What you need to know about running a retirement plan properly
  • Why having the right retirement plan advisor, administrator and recordkeeper is important in the event you get audited
  • Why Saxon’s BHR audit package can help you get ready for an audit

Deadline to Register: February 16th

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The event.

An Overview of WorkStrong™

A Workplace Certification and Training Program by Women Helping Women.

The speakers.

Blair Leedy | Training Coordinator at Women Helping Women

Blair’s background is in social work, and she has provided violence prevention and intervention training for over 8-years. Women Helping Women is a local nonprofit that works to empower all survivors of gender-based violence.


February 28th | 11:30 - 12:30 AM Presentation

In this training, Blair Leedy, of Women Helping Women, will provide an overview of the WHW WorkStrong™ program. Join us this February to discover a measurable approach that increases corporate social responsibility and the company bottom line while decreasing employee turnover and lost productivity.

In 2018, Women Helping Women launched WorkStrong™ – a workplace certification and training program that empowers companies to address issues surrounding gender-based violence. WorkStrong™ includes policy review and recommendations, bystander intervention techniques, and highlights resources available inside and outside of the office.

About Women Helping Women
Women Helping Women is the region’s leading advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, is launching a workplace program that can provide employers with a toolkit and support for preventing workplace incidents and for assisting employees who are victims of abuse.

Deadline to Register: February 22nd

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