Wealth Management

We Are In The Big Picture Business.

Wealth Management isn’t simply what you have in the bank or desire to. It is more than just a solid Life Insurance policy. It is an assessment and strategic approach to the totality of your financial picture. You undoubtedly have unique financial goals and expectations. We want to get to know you and understand those goals.

As your Wealth Management partner, Saxon will create the innovative strategies that will help you figure out how to get there, plan for the risks along the way, navigate complex tax code and understand the steps you need to take to protect and secure your future. 

Our Wealth Management lays a foundation you can build a future upon, beginning by consulting with you on each of the six core Wealth Management objectives.

Experience The Bigger Picture.

Risk Management

Risk is inevitable, but having a partner that knows what to look for and how to develop a plan to strategically manage that risk today, tomorrow and into your future is invaluable.

Tax Planning

Navigating the complex tax code to ensure you are compliant while not overpaying can be overwhelming to the individual investor. Put your confidence in the professionals at Saxon.

Education Planning

Whether its furthering your own or investing in your children, education expenses need to be considered in your financial big picture. Saxon can ensure that you focus in on the right approach to preparing for your family's educational journey.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is something most of us think about often, but aren't sure where to start, how much to save, or what programs offer the best advantages. The depth of expertise here at Saxon is yours to leverage and we are ready to create a retirement plan that targets your unique goals.

Estate Planning

You will build your estate over your lifetime. It many ways it is your legacy. Leverage our expert knowledge to ensure you plan for and protect those assets.

Business Planning

You have worked exceptionally hard to build your business. Saxon will work with you to ensure you covered all the bases to help protect your personal and business finances and assets.

Employee Benefits

People. Your most valued asset and our greatest reward. Our compassion for people drives us to operate differently, assessing the needs of the population alongside the vision and goals of your organization. At Saxon, we truly listen, engage, understand and then advise solutions to help you meet your overall company goals.  

Employee Benefits will have an impact on your organization from recruitment, retention and population wellness to productivity and your bottom line. To us, it isn’t the size of your organization that matters most, but rather the needs of the people within it. 

Get In Touch With A True Partner.

Saxon’s team of experts is knowledgeable on cutting-edge techniques that focus on controlling rising healthcare costs while still delivering solutions with compassion and transparency to you and your organization. By providing the best care for your employees, you can keep your focus on remaining competitive in your industry not only today, but far into the future.

Your unique traits have made you successful, which is why a generic benefits plan just won’t do. We also know that seeing the forest for the trees can be difficult, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. For that reason, Saxon has developed our unique Perspective process. 

With an ever shifting landscape of a complicated industry, keeping up can be exhausting and trying to plan ahead can seem daunting.  Perspective combats these challenges with a strategic process that gives an employer the almost ‘crystal ball’ advantage.

Gain Perspective For Your Tomorrows

Saxon has a need to be in the service of others. It is core to who we are. Your future makes us smile. Creating value for our customers in innovative, cutting edge ways produces invaluable experiences for ourselves and our customers.

Understand How ROR Produces Meaningful Outcomes

At Your Service

To us; it's personal

It’s a service standard you can count on. Consistently friendly expertise. At Saxon, we start with a smile, because we know that the engagement matters just as much as the execution.

The strength of our organization comes from our investment in people; from the experts inside our walls, to the community around us, to our client and their employee population. We know what we do impacts much more than a bottom line of a spreadsheet and we take that responsibility to heart.


Every group health plan, big or small, is a unique, diverse population of real people with real needs, and we are here to serve.

Discover the Extra Mile


Saxon brings an element of strategic innovation to the conversation from medicare solutions to senior solutions.

We've Got You Covered.


Saxon is a wealth management partner that will listen and work with you to customize the best strategy for your financial wellness.

Find Financial Wellness.


Our retirement people are tomorrow experts. We focus on your future so you can be confident chasing your dreams today.

Be Future Confident.