Leslie Vogel

About Leslie

Leslie Vogel is an Account Manager at Saxon Financial Services.

When Leslie is not working at Saxon, she enjoys gardening, working out and spending time with her husband Jeff and two brilliant kids, Lauren and Mike. The only two babies still at home are two adorable Shih Tzus named Brutus and Mae.


Leslie has been in the insurance industry for almost 20 years. After earning her Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing from Eastern Kentucky University, Leslie was responsible for delivering superior customer service, handling account management, sales, marketing and retention management with American Modern Insurance Group for 19 of those years.

Not long after, Leslie gained experience in Human Resources from the ERA which granted her strong relations with HR professionals. A white belt in Lean Six Sigma and a licensed property and casualty agent, Leslie believes building successful client relationships helps to really understand their business. Leslie believes the key to client success is letting them know you care about them.

Leslie devotes time to her community by serving on the United Way Eastern Area Action Council and is actively involved in Saxon’s community outreach initiative #CommunityStrong.