Natalie Reder

About Natalie

Natalie Reder is a Senior Solutions Licensed Broker at Saxon Financial Services.

When Natalie is not working at Saxon, she enjoys spending time with her husband, David, and Irish Setter, Ruby, taking in the great outdoors through various activities such as hiking, biking, and camping. When not off on an adventure, she loves spending quality time with her two children and their families, including being a proud Nana of two grandsons.

Natalie's hobbies are photography and digital publishing, painting, and creating home decor items. She also dabbles in sewing, as well as growing flowers and herbs as she works to complete her certification as an aromatherapist.


Natalie joined Saxon Financial Services in 2023 and is excited to use her background as a Master Educator to support her work with clients to help them become their own best advocates on their health journey while they decide their coverage needs. Natalie also brings a wellness background as a Wholistic Wellness Advisor that will serve to assist clients in meeting their wellness goals.

Natalie earned her Bachelor of Arts Education (Early Childhood Major) from Concordia University in River Forest, Illinois, after which she continued her education in Dayton, Ohio completing a Masters in Education from Wright State University with a focus on Early Childhood & Intervention.

As Natalie developed a foundation of professional development in her field through membership and programs, she continues to focus on best practices with professional organizations she is active with as well as participating in Chamber and networks to grow her circle of influence.