Terry L Weekley

About Terry

Terry Weekley is a Senior Solutions Licensed Broker at Saxon Financial Services.

Terry and his wife have 2 children, 4 granddaughters, and a great grandson. Together, they enjoy helping their grandchildren as much as possible. Personally, Terry enjoys working in the yard during the summer and in his workshop during the winter. His workshop is his space to "get away" and create, as well as complete any home repairs. He stated: "Every day is a great day, if you make it that way."


For over 30 years, Terry Weekley had served as an Independent Insurance Agent, selling personal, commercial, life, health and annuities. He has concentrated heavily on Medicare products and still continues to sell in that market. Joining the Saxon team as a Licensed Insurance Agent, Terry commented: "I have learned over the years that every Medicare case is different and requires personal care in explaining the benefits and options available to the Medicare beneficiary."

Terry graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Pharmacy and worked for over 20 years in the independent Pharmacy field. This experience provided him with an excellent background in the health industry as he transitioned into selling in the Medicare market.

Terry has served on several boards in the Hamilton Ohio area, including the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Ohio Rotary Club, and the Butler County Pharmaceutical Association. Twice, Terry was named Ambassador of the Year by the Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.