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“Loving what you do everyday is key.”

Brianna Matchett loves working as the Marketing Coordinator at Saxon Financial Services.

She was born and raised here in Cincinnati, Ohio and loves the outdoors. When she’s not working, she enjoys exploring the city of Cincinnati and spending time with friends and family. Her favorite hobbies include staying in and watching movies with popcorn and taking on new challenges.

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Chai Tea Latte

“I love grabbing my favorite brew from my local coffee shop, Alreddy Cafe.”

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“Mmm…BLT with two eggs from Alreddy Cafe goes perfectly with my latte.”

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Saxon 2017 Rebrand Press Release

Saxon is excited to announce the launch of its new brand and website featuring a new logo, tag line and website revamp.

With the new rebrand, Saxon hopes to better define who they are at the core of the company through a clear, defined and consistent message.

“I am excited about the rebranding because it speaks to the origin and fabric of what Saxon stands for. We have spent the last 15 years working with small businesses and individuals, regardless of their size or net worth, and have great joy and pride in watching, not only our clients, but staff excel and achieve their dreams,” said Jamie Charlton, CEO.

The new tag line, “Care. Cultivate. Empower.” Describes Saxon’s mission in one phrase.

In addition, Jamie Charlton said, “Saxon’s success relies on the success of our clients, which is why I love coming to work each day. The partnership with our clients has motivated me the last 15 years and I know it will motivate me even more over the next 15! I feel our new tagline, Care. Cultivate. Empower., nails the essence of the journey we take with our clients.”

Saxon has always believed that if we do the right things with our clients, the success will follow. It is built on the relationships that they build with their customer. As a collaborative company of experts and strategic experts, Saxon believes in the concept of working together smarter and more strategically to attain results. With an intentional approach, Saxon sets a “Gold Standard” by providing a level of service, resources, and expertise to every one of their customers.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. This is a quote I have lived by and live it every day. I look forward to the next 15 years and beyond for Clients of Saxon and without our loyal Clients there would be no Saxon.” Garry W. Rutledge Jr, CIO

The new website redesign features a more user-friendly navigation, personalized tools and resources, and a modern design that emphasizes the Saxon brand.

5 Top Employee Benefits Questions and How to Answer Them

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By: Monica Majors

Legislative changes continue to markedly affect the health benefits marketplace. Employers and their workers face challenges on a number of fronts. Along with those challenges come questions that range from current and future requirements of health care reform, to providing adequate plan coverage that serves employees well.

By understanding the top-of-mind employer benefit issues and responding to them appropriately and effectively, brokers and advisors can better serve existing clients, attract new ones, and help employees protect themselves and their families going forward.

1.     How can I meet my employees’ needs?

A key concern of today’s employers is making sure benefits they offer for both prospective and current employees are competitive. Businesses recognize the role a solid benefit program plays in attracting and keeping good talent, and they want to know what is included in plans offered by their competitors.

Brokers serving the health benefits marketplace can best serve customers by knowing the current market landscape well, speaking confidently about it and sharing that knowledge with customers. Key to this knowledge is understanding what the employer currently offers, what types of employees make up its workforce, what their needs are, and what gaps may currently exist.

Then, talk with insurers and learn what industry and market insight they may possess based on geographic and industry-specific factors. Search out findings made available from insurance- and customer-specific industry research organizations and trade associations. You can also mine data from within your own office, such as aggregated customer information by industry.

Integrate all of this information with comprehensive benefit offerings available from the carriers you represent, and show employers how they can gain a competitive market advantage with the right benefit plan.

2.     How can I control my costs?

The question of controlling costs is common for obvious reasons. Small groups, in particular, are looking for creative ways to keep their health benefit expenses down. Brokers can address this question by understanding current offerings and combining that with knowledge of the plans available through the carriers they represent.

Understanding the various coverage tiers available and sharing that knowledge with employers is key. Often, implementing a health benefit program that meets the minimum required coverage levels brings the lowest cost.

Other cost-reduction strategies include addressing coverage for dependents or part-time employees. Some employers may consider eliminating dependent coverage or reducing contributions for this coverage. Also, determine with the employer the cost versus the benefit of including part-time staff in the plan. Employers may need to make tough decisions to maintain viable programs for employees.

Employers need to consider other costs that may come into play. For example, new IRS and ACA reporting requirements for employers to notify employees about new mandates bring with them administrative expenses. While they may not be able to eliminate these costs, brokers can help provide guidance and increase awareness around the changing requirements. They can also recommend approaches that might help employers streamline the process to reduce the impact of the requirements.

3.     What about exchanges?

Employer questions about health benefit exchanges are prevalent. How do the exchanges align with the employer’s desire to deliver benefits in a cost-effective manner? What advantages do they offer? What are the drawbacks? Brokers need to be familiar with individual and group exchanges — both private and public.

Brokers working with some employers may find that certain tax advantages come along with using a public exchange. Private exchanges offer other benefits, from cost-management tools to a broader set of administrative support options and a choice of benefit options that extend beyond basic medical coverage. Group or employer-focused exchanges are becoming increasingly popular as a way to efficiently manage health benefits. Brokers should become familiar with the pros and cons, as well as processes involved.

It’s important to understand the advantages for different employer groups, as well as the reputation and satisfaction levels of exchanges, and use that knowledge to help employers select the right option.

4.     What’s on the horizon?

Large employers are concerned about looming changes. They wonder how new regulations—for example, the Cadillac tax —may affect them in the future. Brokers need to be knowledgeable about what is coming down the pike, and how to minimize negative resulting impacts.

Preparing for the Cadillac tax, for example, may require a strategy shift. While the tax is primarily levied against health plans for coverage deemed “too rich,” it will ultimately affect employers and workers. Health plans are likely to pass off at least some of the costs to employers in the form of higher premiums. Employers may then pass costs off to workers in the form of higher cost-sharing arrangements. Of course, employers will have to consider how this will impact employee retention and recruitment.

The Internal Revenue Service posts helpful information about the ACA’s requirements on employers on its website: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website is another valuable resource:

5.     Why you?

The final top question may be one employers don’t explicitly ask; but it’s one you need to answer: “Why should I use you as a broker?” How is it that you set yourself apart from other brokers — industry knowledge, market strategy or customer service? Brokers need to carefully and clearly explain benefit plan designs, educate employers, guide them through the maze of changes in the benefits arena, and explain all the implications.

Building knowledge is the first part of the answer. Learn about laws, regulations and your employers’ workforce attributes. Learn more about the products offered by carriers and through the exchanges. Combine that knowledge with employer and employee data you capture to design programs that can help employers attract and retain good workers. Work with financially strong carrier partners to find and deliver the right benefit plans, and consider offering your clients a multi-year strategy where appropriate. And leverage administrative, technology, client portals and other resources your carrier partners offer.

Be sure to document and explain the advantages you can bring to the employer. Also, encourage satisfied customers to provide testimonials, directly and on social platforms, and then share these testimonials and references to help differentiate yourself and your shop from your competitors.

By understanding the needs of your clients, offering cost control solutions and keeping businesses apprised of changes on the horizon, you set yourself apart from other brokers and demonstrate your value as a trusted adviser. New and existing clients will come to you year after year for help in designing affordable health benefit plans that will attract and hold onto good workers.

Top healthcare benefit trends to watch

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The number of employers offering a healthy living/incentive program grew in 2015, and is one of several trends to watch as the year 2016 unfolds, analysts say.

Plan design changes and programs such as incentive and wellness were of increasing interest to employers last year and most “continue to turn to their brokers and consultants to learn more about new health plan benefit designs and distribution models,” says Tiffany Wirth, executive director of the Healthcare Trends Institute.

“Helping employees better understand the value of provided benefits and making cost-conscious benefit decisions continues to remain important to employers,” she says.

The number of employers offering a healthy living/incentive program grew from 29.8% in 2014 to 34.6% in 2015, according to the HTI’s 2015 Healthcare Benefit Trends Benchmark Study.

During a webinar unveiling the results, Wirth said 21.8% of employers are considering such a program and 16.7% are still learning about them. About 1 in 4 employers (24.7%) indicated they weren’t interested in offering such a program.

“We’re starting to see these types of programs take hold as [healthcare] reform is being adopted and companies are pushing employees to understand their decisions, their purchases, and all of the different things that go along with healthcare benefits,” she says.

As part of incentive program tracking, HTI has also been examining what sort of wellness programs companies are implementing, Wirth says.

Almost half (44.6%) offer at least one type of wellness program, the survey found. Thirty-one percent offer biometric screenings and about 30% offer an opportunity for health risk management.

Key differences from the 2014 benchmark study, Wirth says, included the ranking of top benefits offered by employers. The three highest company-offered employee benefits in 2014 (PPO, family plan and prescription drug) continued to rank high in 2015, but dental came in at No. 1 this year, with about 74% of employers offering it.

More than half (52.1%) of respondents said they had some familiarity with defined contribution plans and private exchanges, with the majority of those who indicated they were interested in offering a DCP identifying 2017 as the year they would likely do so.

Wirth says continued interest is growing among employers to learn and understand more about DCPS.

Saxon Financial Services qualified as a Top Financial Advisor by Cambridge

Jamie-charltonJamie Charlton, an independent financial advisor with Saxon Financial Services, has qualified for Cambridge Signature Club 2016.

This qualification was announced by his independent broker-dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. (Cambridge), one of the largest privately owned independent broker-dealers in the U.S.

Qualification for Cambridge Signature Club honors a financial advisor’s independent business accomplishments in delivering some of the highest levels of client service while reflecting Cambridge’s core values of integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness. Distinction as a member of Cambridge Signature Club 2016 includes a special invitation to Amelia Island, Florida, May 4 - May 7, 2016.

“Qualifying for Signature Club is an honor and we are pleased to present Jamie Charlton with this recognition,” said President Amy Webber. “Cambridge Signature Club will bring together similar qualifying advisors in Amelia Island for celebration, educational events, and networking opportunities. These events mean so much to all of us because they give us an opportunity to gather together and share our passion for serving clients.”

The conference will focus on renewing a commitment to excellence in serving clients, unwavering dedication to independence, and the ability to deliver objective advice to clients. In addition to celebrating this achievement with industry speakers and information sessions, Signature Club members will engage in various networking lunches and dinners. Cambridge’s senior executives will serve as hosts for Signature Club.

“We at Saxon Financial Services want to thank our clients for choosing us as their financial professional. We sincerely appreciate their trust in Saxon and their confidence that we will provide them with unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based on their needs and goals. I appreciate being named to Cambridge’s Signature Club, especially as a reflection of our shared values and dedication to serving clients, and I enjoy the opportunities to share experiences with my peers who are also independent financial professionals,” expressed Charlton.

Saxon Broker-Dealer Named 2014 Broker-Dealer of the Year

Cambridge honored six out of last eight years for this highly coveted honor 
Investment Advisor magazine’s annual poll of Rep-Advisors’ judging their Broker-Dealer

Cincinnati, OHIO – Saxon Financial Consulting announced today their broker-dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., was named by Investment Advisor magazine as ‘2014 Broker-Dealer of the Year in Division IV’ – the division representing independent broker-dealers with over 1,000 producing advisors. The honor is based on the results of the annual poll conducted by the magazine in June of this year. Cambridge has earned this honor six of the last eight years, and was previously honored in 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008, and 2007 as Broker-Dealer of the Year in Division IV and in 2003 for Division III.

“Being named Broker-Dealer of the Year is important to us because it means hundreds of our advisors felt strongly enough about Cambridge to take the time and engage in this poll,” said Eric Schwartz, Cambridge Chairman and CEO. “We are in the business of serving our advisors and the greatest reward in the service business is being complimented about your service and valued for your services. For this we are most appreciative and greatly humbled.”

“Service, service, service – our service for our advisors is always foremost in our minds and actions,” said Amy Webber, Cambridge President. “The Broker-Dealer of the Year honor is an honor and a measure of success we consider along with our own annual satisfaction survey and other meaningful industry polls. We continually raise our very high standards for service and we are thrilled we continue to earn high marks from our advisors.”

Cambridge’s honor is based on receiving high marks in all categories, and a composite score that was highest among its peers. Several thousand credentialed voters – representatives of independent broker-dealers – cast ballots, and those broker-dealers that gained the highest composite scores were awarded the honors in four different divisions based on their number of producing rep-advisors. The winning broker-dealers are profiled in Investment Advisor’s September 2014 issue and online via ThinkAdvisor.

“We thank each and every advisor in our Cambridge family for this honor and vote of confidence. Each vote is important and tells us that we are giving independent advisors the commitment they deserve, and the leadership they need for their success as independent business owners,” said Schwartz.

About Saxon Financial Consulting 

Saxon provides comprehensive employee benefit and wealth management services to our clients. Whether you are a CEO, Small Business Owner or head of household, we utilize a team approach in analyzing and planning a client’s investment portfolio, cash flow, retirement and benefit/insurance needs. Our recommendations are based solely on your specific needs, circumstances and goals.

We consistently monitor your goals and offer education to ensure your plan stays on course to meet your needs. The partners have over thirty years of investing and benefit experience and are active members of the community.

Our mission is to partner with clients to establish and achieve financial goals through objective planning and management of assets and/or employee benefits.

Our purpose is to help build, manage and preserve your financial and physical wealth. We put our client’s interest first, act with integrity and honesty, and strive for excellence in every facet of our practice.

Our success is not measured by performance statistics but rather by our clients’ success in achieving their goals.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with the highest level of service and technical expertise in the management of employee benefits and/or preservation of wealth. The entire staff of Saxon Financial Consulting is firmly committed to this philosophy.

Contact: Saxon Financial Consulting @ 513-573-0129
Registered Representative, Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a Broker/Dealer, Member of FINRA/SIPC. Investment Advisor Representative, Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Saxon Financial Consulting and Cambridge are not affiliated.

Check out the background of firms and investment professionals on FINRA’s BrokerCheck.

About Broker-Dealer of the Year

According to, The rules for Investment Advisor’s Broker-Dealers of the Year readers’ poll remained the same in their 24th annual contest. Only producing representatives of the independent broker-dealers that appeared in their June 2014 Broker-Dealer Reference Guide were eligible to vote in online balloting on from June 1, 2014 through July 1, 2014. Each voter was vetted by Investment Advisor editorial staff to ensure compliance with the “one person, one vote” principle and that each voter was, in fact, registered with FINRA as an independent contractor registered representative of the broker-dealer for which they voted. Those BDs that received the highest average rating from their own reps were deemed Broker-Dealers of the Year in four different divisions based on the number of reps. this ensured the BDs in each division competed against similar-sized rivals.