You Deserve More Than Just ROI.

It's Time To Experience ROR™

What is ROR™?

ROR translates to Return On Relationship. Saxon believes that ROI is important, but we also believe that ROR lays an important foundation to getting there.


Every interaction, every day provides a new opportunity to establish a ‘real’ relationship. Engaging in successful relationships involves contribution from all parties involved, recognizing the value that comes from these interactions allows us to share the desire for a meaningful outcome from the relationship.

We know how critical it is that you realize a return on your investments. However, true ROI is delivered best when you consistently ensure ROR. True ROI combines cost, leveraged expertise and the impact our strategy has on your audience. ROR strives to mold and measure the most important relationships to your business.

We Get It.

We understand that your organization is more than one department. We know that each of your employees and divisions have individual needs, budgets, goals and challenges. We understand that risk, safety and compliance are factors that must be assessed and accounted for.

Your company is not a one-size-fits-all environment and, therefore, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We assess your organization holistically and empower you with confidence in our ability to deliver meaningful outcomes.

Our big picture approach starts with our Perspectiveprocess to engage a strategy that addresses all factors that attribute to cost, risk and compliance while keeping you competitive, cost-effective and confident in your offerings.

Get a little perspective™

Returns Are Better When Smiles Are Bigger.

Your business isn’t just a number or line item to us; it’s personal, a relationship that we care about, and it is core to why we exist.

At Saxon, we have a consistent drive to be in the service of others. We want our client family to see the same ‘aha’ we see, find value in what we value and be inspired by the strategies and ideas that inspire us.


This isn’t ego talking, but it is a differentiation we are proud of. Our client retention rates are some of the highest in the industry with clients sharing that service provided by anyone else would be void of the level of authenticity and compassion that is delivered by doing business with the our PEOPLE.

The fact that we care about our clients isn’t just something to say; it is the foundation of our company culture. This is value that simply cannot be replicated through a competing product, a different technology or a national brand name.

Outcomes Matter.

Accountability. We don’t just expect it of ourselves, we demand it. Our entire engagement process is laser-focused on ensuring that we deliver on our promises, exceed your expectations and achieve outcomes that are meaningful to your organization. Empty promises are simply not in our playbook.

What do we mean by meaningful outcomes?

Your vision is unique, as are your goals as an entity. Our strategists account for that and create a way to measure delivered outcomes against your unique goals. We customize strategies and solutions to have an impact that reverberates in a meaningful way throughout your organization in the areas that matter most to you.