Healthcare Costs Decline Among Top-Rated Companies as Employees Engage in Performance-Based Wellness Programs

Performance-based health programs deliver substantial results for companies and their employees


CHICAGO, Feb. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Interactive Health Solutions, Inc. (IHS) today announced their 2011 “Healthiest Companies in America.”  Citing clinical and medical claim data from companies’ performance-based employee health programs, IHS is presenting the awards for the fifth consecutive year.

The 70 honorees are corporations and organizations nationwide that have created a “culture of wellness,” significantly reducing their healthcare costs through widespread employee participation in proactive health and wellness initiatives.  The selection process involved evaluating healthcare data for the companies with clinical information demonstrating improved employee health across an index of key indicators.

IHS utilizes comprehensive data-driven analysis to customize care based on the employee’s unique personal risk factors.  Beginning with an initial health evaluation, IHS identifies individuals with health risks.  Upon review of the employee’s personal risk factors, a team of qualified health professionals creates an outreach program designed to ensure each individual is on a pathway to health.

“We engage an employer’s entire employee population throughout the year to help individuals get and stay healthy.  Our approach is highly personal in that we customize goals and a course of action, providing tools and support in a proactive way.  This is about staying healthy and possibly even saving lives, as well as containing costs,” said Joseph A. O’Brien , President and CEO of IHS.

On average, employers offering the IHS performance-based program reduced their health care costs by 8.4 percent year over year, while 81 percent of enrolled employees achieved or exceeded wellness goals.  Market leaders in data-driven health and wellness programs for employee populations, IHS works with more than 1,400 employers with over one million employees.

“We’ve tracked over 36 million data points to deliver analysis and benchmarks against national norms and peer groups,” said O’Brien.  “‘Healthiest Companies in America’ recognizes those companies that do an outstanding job encouraging employees to engage with these programs.  It’s just one way to showcase this crucial component of containing healthcare costs nationally.”

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