Your employees have seen a reduction in their pay. Likely a reduction that they couldn’t afford to see.  We want to educate them as to why and how they can leverage these changes to help plan their futures and ensure their financial wellness. Show them that their company understands the impact this payroll tax change has had at home and that you are there to help them. It is important that they know your company is not the root of the issue. 

It’s Easy!

Your employees will participate in a survey, either online or on paper. We won’t gather any personal information. We are just looking to fully understand how your employees feel about their financial wellness and the areas they feel they need education.

We Do All the Work!

We will compile the results and provide those to you so to see the areas of need. The results are yours to keep to use in any way you choose in your efforts to better assist and educate your work force.

Employees Get Fed!

That’s Right! We will not only come on-site and provide lunch, but we will also feed your employees with financial education based on the information we gathered from the survey. 

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