Originally posted January 13, 2015 by Dan Cook on Life Health Pro. 

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act survived yet another legal attack Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge targeting the requirement that adult Americans enroll for coverage or pay a fine.

The challenge had been brought by two medical provider groups: the Alliance for Natural health USA and the Association of American Physicians. It was three strikes and out for the plaintiffs, whose arguments were turned down at the district and federal appellate level prior to filing for a SCOTUS review.

While Republicans have mounted a steady stream of legal challenges to PPACA, so far the Supreme Court has held in favor of the law. But another major thrust is just around the corner.

In March, the court is set to hear oral arguments in a case challenging the tax credit subsidies that some states have provided to those who meet certain income criteria. The subsidies have allowed millions to “purchase” health coverage through the state exchanges at no cost, or at greatly reduced premiums.

Meantime, the GOP is busily hacking away at PPACA in Congress. The House passed a bill that would redefine the workweek for purposes of the act as 40 hours. PPACA had defined a full work week as one with 30 hours for purposes of certain coverage requirements. The Senate has yet to act on a companion bill, and the White House said it would probably veto any bill that came its way.