Technology cannot be tossed out of the workplace. For many, it is seen as a lifeline to get work done. But there are times the clacking of keyboards or the latest Twitter update needs to be set aside.

Tony DiCostanzo, a frequent Forbes contributor and president and founder of BookPal, cites moments in your workday where technology could and should be left behind.

Make eye contact

If your colleague comes to you with a question, look them in the eye and skip the Facebook skimming. Flipping through text messages and social media while someone waits on you is the equivalant of turning your back on that person.

Bring the notebook

At your next meeting, leave your laptop at your desk and grab pen and paper. Studies suggest those who go old fashion remember important ideas and conversations better than those that break out the laptop. When you get back to your desk, copy your handwritten notes into a Word document or Excel spreedsheet.


A crucial moment interrupted by a ringtone could create a different outcome depending on the situation. For example, an interview. It’s best before walking into any meeting or interview to silence your phone.

Practice what you preach

A tip for managers. If you get agitated at someone bringing their laptop to a meeting or forgetting to silence their phone, remember to do the same. Employees follow your example.