When things go wrong in the workplace, emotions can run high. Sometimes those emotions can lead to a yelling boss. What do you do if the yelling is directed at you?

It’s an important thing to consider. How you react sets the tone for what happens next.

Kat George with Bustle outlines 6 things to consider.

1. Ask To Schedule A Private Meeting

If someone is yelling, it’s probably because they’re at their wit’s end. They feel cornered by whatever conundrum they’re facing, and might have become irrational about dealing with it. Whether your boss’s concerns are legitimate or frivolous, you can diffuse the situation by calmly asking for a private meeting at which to discuss the meeting at hand. Make it formal: book a conference room and schedule a time that day so you two can sit down and hash out the problem, as it’s most likely a solvable work challenge.

2. Explain Yourself

Again, remain calm, but speak up. If your boss has the wrong idea about something you’ve done, say so. Don’t be vindictive or petty in your speech. Keep it matter-of-fact, and explain yourself. If your boss is demanding answers, give them. Be clear and succinct, and keep to the point without waffling on. If you can be direct in your communication chances are your shouting boss will calm down and meet you at your timbre.

3. Own Up To Your Mistakes

Don’t make excuses. If you’re getting yelled at because you messed up, own it. Denying your responsibility will only make your boss madder. Don’t be combative when you’re in the wrong, it won’t serve you in the long run. Let your boss know that you understand your mistake, are very sorry, and will work as hard as you can to fix the problem as fast as possible. Chances are the more repentant you are about your mistake and the more willing to fix it, your yelling boss will soften and even feel bad about coming down on you so hard. We’re all human, even bosses.

4. Offer A Solution

Whatever’s going on, whether it’s because of your folly or something out of your control, offer a solution. Yelling comes from frustration, so chances are your boss feels cornered, and is ironically probably terrified of being yelled at by their own boss. If you can be creative and show initiative in moving forward, you might be offering your boss a solution they couldn’t see on their own.

5. Never Yell Back

Never, under any circumstances, yell back at your boss. Don’t give your angry boss a reason to be angrier. Even when they should be more professional, you need to be the bigger person. It might seem unfair in the short term but it will serve you better in the long run.

6. Always Follow Up

When you’ve had a conflict at work, always follow up to see that it’s resolved. After you’ve been yelled at by your boss, follow up the next day to make sure everything is square. Whether that’s working towards the solution, or finalizing the solution, stay on top of it, and show that you care about your job and making things work. No one wants to be in their boss’s bad books, especially when that boss is prone to flying off the hook, so be proactive (which you should be anyway at work!) to earn your good graces back.