Welcome to our monthly segment, Fresh Brew, where we will be exploring the delicious coffees, teas, and snacks of some of our employees! You can look forward to our Fresh Brew blog post on the first Friday of every month.

“Knowing the culture of your client’s employees is key to providing the perfect benefit line up.”

Karie Waddell Gallo is the COO and Account Executive at Saxon Financial Services.

Karie joined Saxon Financial Services in April of 2003. She is now the Chief Operating Officer and Account Executive for Group Benefits Clients.

Karie works with Client Contacts on renewal and new business implementation. She enjoys helping customers and prides herself on the understanding of their needs and the discovery of knowledge along the way.

Vanilla Latte

“So simple. So delicious.”

Favorite place?

“I am a Starbuck’s Junkie!”

Cheese Danish

“A yummy cheese danish!”

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