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“Most people tend to focus on one specific part of their financial standing (life, investments, daily living, savings, debit, etc). My advice is to look at your finances as a whole, not as individual units. Everything in your financial life is, in some way, linked together. Imagine your life as a puzzle and the only way to see the entire picture is to make sure you have all the correct pieces in place. If one piece is missing then the puzzle isn’t complete. My goal as an Account Manager is to maintain the integrity of what has already been built and to help bring those missing pieces to light.”

Amy Wetherington is an Account Manager at Saxon Financial Services.

Amy became a new resident of Ohio in February 2013. Growing up as a Floridian, she loves taking on new challenges and enjoys a life of excitement in the outdoors.

When not working, Amy enjoys exploring the city of Cincinnati, CrossFit, spending time with her family, and relaxing in the beauty of nature. Amy also enjoys a weekend getaway to visit her friends and family that still reside in Florida.

Rogue “Dead Guy Ale”

Amy’s favorite brew is the Rogue “Dead Guy Ale”.

“It has the perfect balance of malt and hops.”


Amy enjoys eating barbeque when sipping on her favorite brew.

“The tangy/smokey flavors of the BBQ would be complimented by the toasty/malty notes that Rogue “Dead Guy” provides.”

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