Get the Best of Both Worlds.

Partner with Saxon and OSMA Insurance Agency to get the perks of a Self Insured Plan.

Are you an independent doctor’s office? Is the ACA increasing your premiums at a cost you can no longer afford? Is the ACA causing you to have to “sell-out”? Do you want to stay independent?

We can help.

The Breakdown.

In response to the changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) Insurance Agency now offers a new Health Benefits Plan (HBP).

The OSMA Insurance Agency HBP is a self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangement developed for Ohio physician practices.

Saxon has partnered with the OSMA Insurance Agency to offer a new Health Benefit Plan as an alternative to the ACA marketplace. With this plan, you get the best of both worlds.

What are the benefits?

  • Funded by Participating Employers
  • Available to groups with 2-99 eligible employees
  • Physician Practice Only Plan
  • Offers competitive premium equivalent rates
  • Offers a variety of traditional plan designs
  • Easily Compatible with HRAs and HSAs
  • No monthly administrative billing fee
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How can we help?

Not only will you have the relationship and trust of a Saxon agent but a plan that is backed by the OSMA Insurance Agency .

This Health Benefit Plan allows employers of 2-99, who typically do not engage in self-funded plans, an option to join with others in a self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangement.

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