BlackRock 529 College Savings Plan

Don’t just save for college – Save for college tax free.

The goal of our 529 savings plan is simple, to mold this program to fit your individual needs, right from the beginning.

We know college savings plans are not one-size-fits-all. Whether you are looking to save for tuition, room and board fees, books, supplies or required computer equipment and technology, Saxon can help.

The Program.

If saving for a student’s college education, paying off your graduate school expenses, pursuing an interest through CE courses and growing in higher education savings tax-free sounds nice, this is a plan you need to learn more about.

Grow and withdraw assets free of federal taxes, receive additional state tax benefits (where applicable) and enjoy flexibility to transfer savings to another eligible relative. The best part? No income limitations for making contributions.

Our three distinct investment approaches:

  • Age-based investment options
    • The age-based options puts our expertise to work for you. This plan offers three strategic approaches: Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive.
  • Target-risk investment options
    • The same for all account owners, this plan does not vary based on the age of the beneficiary. Designed to have a relatively constant exposure to equities, fixed income and money market securities throughout the life of the account it has three strategies to choose from: Moderate, Growth and Aggressive Growth.
  • Single strategy investment options
    • This plan allows you and your clients to choose from 17 different investment strategies.

Ohio Tax Benefits.

While our 529 College Savings Plan is available across the country, investors in Ohio can take advantage of additional state tax advantages.

  • Up to $2000 per contributor can be deducted per beneficiary per year with unlimited carry forward in future years.
  • $6000 contribution can be split into separate $2000 deductions over the course of three years.

It's time to think about your future.

Contact our 529 Agent, Cyrus Dhatigara, to see how our customized strategies can help you save, tax-free.