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At Saxon, our experts create strategies that are built around you and your vision for the future, but we know that planning for retirement comes with a lot of new information and choices to make.

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Click the topics below to see the similarities and differences between Roth and Traditional IRA options.

Roth IRA

Tax-free growth and tax-free qualified withdrawals.

Contribute at any age.

Your income affects how much you can contribute.

You won’t pay taxes when you withdraw your contributions, and you won’t pay federal taxes on your earnings, as long as the five-year aging requirement has been met.

If you make withdrawals before you’re 59½, you might have to pay taxes on your earnings plus a 10% additional tax.

RMDs do not apply during your lifetime.

The Similarities:

$5,500 (age 49 and under); $6,500 age 50 and older

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 (for the 2017 tax year)

No minimum to open an IRA

No setup or maintenance fees; no transaction fees for most mutual funds

*Note: A Rollover IRA is a Traditional IRA often used for rollovers from an old workplace plan, such as a 401(k).

Traditional IRA

Tax-deferred growth and tax-deductible contributions.

Contribute until you’re 70½.

Your income does not affect how much you can contribute.

You will pay taxes when you withdraw your pre-tax contributions and when you withdraw any earnings.

If you make withdrawals before you’re 59½, you might have to pay a 10% penalty.

RMDs must be taken starting in the year you turn 70½.