The Perspective™ process diligently and deliberately accounts for all factors impacting your overall cost, offering and outcome giving an you the almost ‘crystal ball’ advantage.

Perspective™ identifies strengths and weaknesses while communicating executable action steps to address issues that may be keeping your bottom line inflated or preventing you from realizing your vision and goals.

Perspective™ is predictive. The process looks specifically at your big picture, and provides a new perspective that will prepare your not only for today, but for tomorrow and for the future.

There is no cost to go through this process with us.* We believe that this industry isn’t just about providing a return on your investment; it is about us sharing our passion; ensuring there’s always an obvious Return on Relationship.

*Perspective involves the initial “get to know you” steps in the relationships which are free of charge, however financial planning fees, asset management fees, commissions, etc. will be charged for services rendered or per your fee schedule, etc.

Make the shift from reactive to proactive with SAXON's Perspective™ Process.

Anyone can pretend to hear what you are saying. At Saxon, we are authentic and our compassion is genuine. We deliver an entire team of experts that are always actively listening and ready to engage on expertise to benefit you. 

At Saxon, our promises mean something. We promise to define a strategy, execute a process and deliver…consistently. We aim to provide a clear, well-defined purpose that will instrumentally benefit our clients day in and day out.

We put into motion an effective strategy that we deliver to you with confidence that it will continue to deliver for you now and in the future.

Saxon becomes a member of the ‘you’ team. We are focused on ensuring you not only see meaningful outcomes but gain knowledge and confidence. We work to empower our customers by helping them to understand the ‘why’ behind our recommendations.

This is why Saxon works to bridge the communication gap and empowers you to get involved and educated. We want to help create a environment of trust, as well as personal and financial wellness.

The positive impact on business we strive to achieve for our clients truly matters to us. It is what drives us.

We take a consistently proactive approach to analysis and reporting, from the up front-analysis we perform, to the ongoing stewardship reporting we provide and the full transparency we give into our fees throughout the course of our relationship. This data offers you unique, invaluable and actionable insight.

Gain Perspective™.

To request to take part in the Perspective™ process, please fill out the form to the right or contact our office directly.

There is no cost to this service or obligation to make any commitment or purchase.