Account Manager

Lydia Tamanko

About Lydia

Lydia Tamanko is an Account Manager for Saxon.

Lydia is actively involved in the Russian and Ukrainian communities helping refugees and newcomers adapt and advising on the legal issues they may face and providing resources to use. Outside of her charitable endeavors, Lydia enjoys hiking and ice-bathing, budget traveling and sailing, as well as any time she gets to play outdoors with her son.


Lydia Tamanko is a dedicated customer service specialist who strives to meet and exceed customer expectations. She enjoys goal-setting and is driven to create relationships and experiences clients can be excited about.

Lydia is trilingual, speaking English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Lydia holds a degree in Business Management Technology from the University of Cincinnati. Always looking for ways to grow, Lydia is also a certified yoga instructor and has obtained her yacht sailing license.