The Perspective™ process incorporates an assessment of areas that may be having an impact on your overall employee benefit cost and outcomes. Looking into your current employee communication strategy, assessing the level of employee awareness of existing benefits, and determining how effectively those benefits are being utilized is an important part of gaining Perspective™.

Perspective™ identifies strengths and weaknesses while communicating executable action steps to address issues that may be keeping your bottom line inflated or preventing you from realizing your vision and goals.

Having defined Action Steps provides the framework for better measuring the outcomes of your strategy and enables you to better hold your service partners and internal teams accountable for outcomes.

Perspective™ is predictive. The process looks specifically at your big picture, creating a pathway to become proactive instead of reactive, and provides a new perspective that will prepare your not only for today, but for tomorrow and for the future.

We believe in accountability and results. Perspective™ ensures you can strategically account for and plan to address potential problem areas that add cost, decrease efficiency and deter effective communication. Since this process is not designed to only look at one specific need or product, it can more effectively address underlying cost drivers, such as employee communication, and others like it.

At Saxon, we believe that this industry isn’t just about providing a return on your investment; it is about us sharing our passion and ensuring that what we consider to be positive outcomes are just as positive and meaningful to you. We are committed to Return on Relationship.

*Perspective involves the initial “get to know you” steps in the relationships which are free of charge, however financial planning fees, asset management fees, commissions, etc. will be charged for services rendered or per your fee schedule, etc.

Shift your Communication Strategy from reactive to proactive.

Ever feel like you are communicating, but no one is listening? When it comes to employee benefits communication, this can be a very costly conundrum.

Saxon becomes a member of the ‘you’ team. We are focused on ensuring you gain knowledge and confidence. We put into motion an effective employee benefits communication strategy that will continue to deliver for you now and well into the future. We work to empower our customers by helping them to understand the ‘why’ behind our recommendations and the Action Steps they need to take to be successful.

Saxon works to bridge the communication gap and empower your employees to get involved and educated. We want to help create an environment of trust and knowledge between you and your employees, as well as improve value perception by increasing awareness of your benefit programs and improving benefit utilization.

At Saxon, we our committed to meaningful outcomes. We deliver an entire team of experts that are always actively listening and ready to engage our expertise to benefit you.

Gain Perspective™.

Complete the following form to request to take part in the Perspective™ process. There is no cost to this service or obligation to make any commitment or purchase.