Dayton Office with Beavercreek chamber ribbon cutting group photo

Saxon Financial Services Expands to Open Office in Dayton

Saxon Financial Services has broadens Ohio market footprint with expanded services and accessibility for Dayton area customers. COVID-19 related precautions and protocols have been established to protect staff and community while providing personal, friendly expertise to Dayton-area customers. Read on to learn more about this exciting announcement.

Dayton, Ohio – Saxon Financial Services is excited to announce the expansion of offices into the Dayton, Ohio area. This new office will be able to provide services such as: Employee Benefits, Supplemental Benefits and Corporate Retirement Planning (401, 403, Simple, SEPs). Eventually, Saxon will expand their individual wealth management team to the Dayton offices, too.

“Expansion in the Dayton market is a deliverable to our Dayton clients that has been in the works for some time, so I am very excited to have a physical presence in Dayton,” states Jamie Charlton, CEO at Saxon Financial Services.

Saxon has had the opportunity to maintain client relationships in Dayton and its surrounding suburbs for many years. Therefore, Dayton remains an important aspect of Saxon’s growth strategy. The success of Kettering native and Saxon Group Benefits Consultant, Kelley Bell, in the Dayton market during the past three years has provided Saxon the ability to maintain an active presence in the Dayton marketplace. The goal is to make Dayton aware they are fully committed to the communities they work in and serve. Kelley will be personally involved and in charge of their new Dayton office in Beavercreek Office Suites starting July 1, 2020.

Opening During COVID

Saxon is taking every caution they can to maintain a healthy and safe environment for each employee and client that walks through their doors. Saxon takes the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus seriously, and they continue to adhere to the rules set forth by Governor DeWine’s office. As a facilitator of client’s medical plans, they have been open the duration of the epidemic to ensure they are able to address clients’ concerns. During this time, they are allowing their staff the choice of working from home.

“As a facilitator of healthcare plans, we have seen the impact that COVID is having not only on the health of individuals but also small businesses. This pandemic has affected everyone on all levels. I have challenged our team at Saxon with the goal to make the life transitions people are experiencing as smooth as possible. This situation is not only creating physical maladies but is taking a toll on the mental aspect of everyone. It is crucial for everyone to understand the resources available to maintain their physical and mental well-being,” explains Charlton.

Overall, Saxon is excited to be able to expand into the area of Dayton.

“The expansion of Saxon to the Dayton market is an exciting time for our firm. Given our past and current success in this market, it is a move that simply makes sense. I am further excited to have Kelley Bell serving as our market leader in this space. Kelley was born and raised in Dayton, and she has always called Dayton home. I know she will continue to deliver to the Dayton small business community impactful solutions to the ever changing employee landscape,” states Charlton.

About Dayton Market Leader

Kelley Bell, Dayton Market

Kelley Bell has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry. Kelley enjoys partnering with business owners and those responsible for choosing benefits for their employees. She understands that every business is unique and is dedicated, accessible and proactive in serving the needs of each client. Kelley has a strong business network and serves the Dayton and Cincinnati markets. She has recently been named Dayton Chamber’s 2019 Ambassador of the Year award recipient. This award honors the ambassador who demonstrated exemplary efforts in working with members each year.

About Saxon Financial Services

From employee benefits and insurance to wealth management and retirement, Saxon’s team of experts is knowledgeable on cutting-edge techniques that focus on controlling rising healthcare costs while still delivering solutions with compassion and transparency to you and your organization. With caring, knowledgeable experts working to service your needs, Saxon brings an element of strategic innovation to the conversation. We strive daily to lay the foundation for long-term relationships with our clients because we care about being a partner you can count on.


For more information, you can contact Brianna Louder, Saxon’s Marketing and Community Outreach Coordinator, at or 513.774.5480

Understanding Group Health Insurance

Health insurance can easily be defined as bookended in volumes of mystery. You know you need the coverage, you want to have the coverage for your employees, but chances are you simply do not know enough about it to make the first two points happen. For an employer thinking about introducing group health insurance to your employees, it can be unclear why you should provide something that is surrounded with much confusion. In this installment of CenterStage, Kelley Bell, a Group Health Benefits Consultant at SAXON, sheds some light onto the darkness that group health insurance so often casts.

What is Group Health Insurance?

In its most basic definition, group health insurance is a plan that covers all the employees who work for a given company or organization, and it potentially covers their spouses and other dependents. As the individual marketplace continues to change, Kelley noted the “increasingly difficult task of finding desirable plan designs, lower deductibles and doctors and hospitals that are in the network”. “Individuals with marketplace plans have even been told by many doctors and hospitals,” Kelley added, “that they will not accept the ACA plans from the individual marketplace. Here are reasons that considering a group plan makes more sense than leaving your employees at the mercy of the exchange:”

  1. Group Health Insurance has larger networks of doctors and hospitals.
  2. Employee premiums can be deducted pre-tax. The premium can be divided among pay periods, allowing them the convenience of paying less in from a total income perspective and allowing the premium to be broken in pieces versus a monthly sum income.
  3. The employer still selects the health insurance plan(s) to offer, thus choosing an appropriate plan for the staff versus allowing them to choose the “cheapest” that will hurt them financially if they need to pay for the large deductible.
  4. Employer contributions are tax deductible, allowing the company to save versus paying payroll tax on any compensation provided to the employee in lieu of offering health insurance.

Do I Need Group Health Insurance?

Why should you consider a group health insurance plan? Outfitting your team with health benefits simplifies the process for employees to include regular and urgent doctor visits, hospital stays and medical treatments such as physical therapy.

Health plans are the primary benefit (aside from compensation) individuals seek out when applying for employment. Your overall benefits offerings are crucial to your company or organization’s ability to attract and retain employees. Therefore, why would you not want to offer health coverage as a part of your overall compensation package?

Group health insurance involves assuming the shared risk and shared costs. Kelley defines shared risk as covering a multitude of individuals who are fairly, healthy people. “This can help keep your premium rates lower than individual plans whose rates are based solely on a person’s age and assumed risk versus the sharing of risk over a pooled premium. This relationship creates savings that reward good behavior,” Kelley said. Shared costs mean the premium can be shared between you the employer and employees. Employers have the flexibility of paying varying percentages of the premium, which could reduce the amount the employee pays versus the individual market premiums.

Working alongside a broker such as SAXON is highly recommended for smaller businesses. SAXON specializes in assisting employers with 1 to 50 employees on how to discover and purchase the benefits they need within their budget. SAXON begins each engagement process by listening to you – the employer – to develop and discover the best course of action for your business or organization. We have a proven history of discovering healthcare plans that are vital to the recruitment and retainment of talented employees.

Saxon’s Role When Considering Group Health Insurance

It is important to understand the needs of every client and educate their employees on how to use their healthcare. SAXON values client education and service above all else. We make educating employees a priority and ensure their benefits are understood and easy to use, making them value the relationship they have with you that much more. SAXON represents you, allowing us to secure the best plans and rates for you and your staff, which we review annually.

If you are considering offering group health insurance to your employees, contact Kelley Bell today at (513) 774-5493 or (937) 672-1547 or via email at to begin exploring the benefits of adding this superior level of coverage today.