Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs)

The Saxon Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) is a single retirement plan which allows participation by multiple unrelated employers.

By participating in a PEP, employers can mitigate fiduciary risk, reduce the operational responsibilities of sponsoring their own plan, and potentially reduce costs.

The Saxon PEP was established due to the new regulations aimed to help small businesses offer retirement plans to their employees.

A Unique Solution for your Business.

Provider Roles + Plan Types

The Benefits of the Saxon PEP

  • Flexible Plan Design - Each employer may choose their own eligibility requirements, Safe Harbor status, and other plan design details.
  • Administrative Ease - Many functions and fiduciary risks that typically fall to the employer are outsourced to service providers.
  • Economies of Scale - Small businesses can receive economies of scale seen in larger plans, and businesses with more than 100 participants no longer need to pay an independent audit fee.

If offering a retirement plan to your employees has not been feasible due to costs, or if the operational duties of your current plan are becoming too burdensome, then the Saxon PEP might be right for you!